Roksan Demon Alaeddin Al'Dinar "Din"
12.07.1997 - 04.11.2010
Ellow Spark Anger Jutan Mamive Gunvald Mamive Akdeniz Music Master
Ch Polyanna Mamive
Ch Pollyanna Mamive Ch Pierre Mamive
Lily-Marley z Gatebekparku
Conny Hanacka Perla Akdeniz Right Royal GB CH Aranbrook Mr. Chips Of Aberhill
Akdeniz Kiss Me Kate
Cibra Z Kraja Drotarov Old King Cole V. Haus Reinhard
Consuela Mamive
Luck Golden Chio-Chio-Sun Troydon Touch of Night Ch Starbrook Touch of Gold at Lynaire Ch Pelido Double Fantasy
Starbrook Dream Lover
Maishan Spring Melody at Troydon Ch Wardette Cuddly Duddly
Troydon M'Lady Jezer Belle
Venden Arnetta All Aflaym Jutan Mamive Gunvald Mamive
Ch Pollyanna Mamive
Adent Hope Kraun of Flowers  

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